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Embody the Sun Rise up to meet your inner power with Delamay Devi!

  • Thaxted Yoga Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7, Stanbrook, Thaxted Essex CM6 2NH United Kingdom (map)

I am beyond excited to be hosting my fabulous teacher Delamay Devi for this unique afternoon workshop!

Igniting, empowering and awakening your inner power, a sustainable fortifying force that requires tending and stoking for continued health and longevity. This sacred activation awakens your core and harnesses strength and present throughout your entire being. The divine play of flickering flames leave you feeling invigorated and alive.

The Sun is at the centre of our solar system, it lights the way for all the planets and stars in our galaxy as they circumambulate within the milky way. From a yogic perspective and the subtle map of our energetic anatomy the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus is where our individual sun and inner power resides. 

The Manipura Chakra sits below the heart and above the navel and is responsible for how we digest and assimilate food, emotions, experiences and how we express ourselves as we move around in the world. 

During this Prana Vinyasa yoga workshop we will be moving through a creative and strengthening sequence invoking the Element of Fire to activate and move from the Manipura chakra with humility, grace and total awareness. 

About Delamay Devi:

Delamay Devi is a senior Prana Vinyasa affilite yoga teacher trainer, mentor, writer and e creatrix of Devi Designs. She is well known internationally for her embodied offerings that are fuelled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. Delamay is honored to assist Shiva Rea for the thirteen years and is passionate about sharing movement as medicine and yoga philosophy in sync with the natural cycles of existence.