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Going beyond the Veil of Illusion with Goddess Kali

  • Thaxted Yoga Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7 Stanbrook, Thaxted CM6 2NH (map)

This month, shortly after the New Moon, we’re going to be working with Goddess Kali again as we go beyond the veils of illusion, we let go of the unreal, and move into our truth with Goddess Kali. She is the warrior goddess who appears in our life when it is time to let go of who or what no longer serves us, or when we are in a place where we feel stuck and cannot see a way forward.

An often used phrase: “If we always do what we’ve always done, then we’ll always get what we’ve always got”

I know from my own experience and life, I have run the same patterns many time, and when I found myself in the same unresourceful place, I had used the same behaviours, strategies or beliefs to get me out of that place. Great in the short term…..but very soon I was on the same cycle and in the same place again! With Goddess Kali we find the courage to move into a different groove, release ourselves out of the pattern we have been in and create a new one.

This means, truly facing ourselves, all of ourselves, recognising our truth and owning all parts of us, so we can start creating new patterns that are more aligned with our truth.

Before we can create anew, we need to shed, release, let go, or even destroy. Change or transformation cannot happen until we release the old. Often I see people looking to bring in the new before they will release the old. Let’s invite Goddess Kali to help us to release.

It is said that when we resist Kali, she eventually turns up and can bring with her a trail of destruction and chaos as everything appears to be falling apart. If instead of resisting her, we invite her in regularly - think of it like spiritual hygiene, then the changes, the releasing are smaller and more comfortable.

As she encourages us to see our truth and she unconditionally loves us for this truth, we have to turn and face our shadow. When we avoid our shadow, it has power over us, when we face and integrate it, it often becomes our greatest resource!

Give yourself the gift of a mini retreat - as always places are limited. The exchange is £37.50.  

This will be a small mini retreat - I am limiting it to only 12 spaces.

Looking forward to sharing this time with you.