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Embodying Durga

  • Thaxted Yoga Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7 Stanbrook, Thaxted CM6 2NH (map)

As Autumn approaches we will revisit one of the Warrior Goddesses with Goddess Durga - one of the Warrior Goddesses, the Divine Mother and the Goddess of Protection and we’ll explore her qualities around being grounded, drawing boundaries and authentic feminine leadership.

Durga has 8 arms - each carrying a weapon with a certain purpose:

1.Chakra in her 1st upper right hand symbolizes dharma (righteousness, spiritual teachings or duty). We must perform our responsibilities in life and follow an authentic traditional spiritual school.

2.Conch in her 1st upper left hand symbolizes the ”Pranava” or the mystic word ”Om” or ”Aum”, which indicates the Goddess holding on to God in the form of sacred sound.

3.Sword in her 2nd right lower hand symbolizes knowledge, which has the sharpness of a sword. Knowledge which is free from all doubts is symbolized by the shine of the sword.

4.Bow and arrow in her 2nd left lower hand symbolizes character like Lord Rama (the seventh avatar of the Lord Vishnu). When we face difficulties in our life we should not lose our character.

5.Lotus flower in her 3rd lower left hand symbolizes the awakening of spiritual consciousness in a soul. The Goddess will help her true followers to understand the transience of life and seek the ultimate truth.

6.Club in her 3rd right lower hand is the symbol of Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god) and symbolizes surrender and devotion. Whatever we do in our life we do with devotion and love and accept the outcome as the Almighty’s will.

7.Trishul/Trident in her 4th left lower hand is a symbol of 3 qualities – tamas (non-activity), rajas (activity) and sattva (inactivity). The Goddess is the remover (the purifier) of all the 3 types of miseries – spiritual, mental and physical.

8.4th lower right hand symbolises forgiveness and Her blessings. We must forgive others and ourselves for mistakes or/and any hurt we may have caused.Through flows, readings, ritual etc we will explore and embody the qualities of the Goddess.  As we explore the qualities, we will look at how we can integrate these into our yoga practice and into our life in general.  As we start with Durga, we will be exploring her qualities around protection, being grounded, drawing boundaries and authentic leadership.

As usual we will start the afternoon with a reading, a poem or a prayer, starting to move and open through our body before we move into deeper, longer held restorative poses and ending in a delicious yoga nidra. 

Give yourself the gift of a mini retreat - as always places are limited. The exchange is £37.50.  

Looking forward to sharing this time with you.