Luxury Ibiza Retreat, Awakening Shakti - June 2019

Luxury Ibiza Retreat, Awakening Shakti - June 2019

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Terms and Conditions & Cancellation Policy

I love creating and sharing workshops and retreats and I believe these work best when the group sizes are kept small and intimate.  I am not a faceless large company but instead a boutique yoga and training company and I spend a lot of time and energy creating what I intend to be magical and transformational experiences for you.  I am sure that some of you are aware that to run a successful retreat or workshop, there is a lot of planning and organising that goes on behind the scenes, a long time before we show up at the venue.

In order to reserve a place on one of my retreats, a non-refundable deposit is due. 

When booking the retreat you will be given the date by which final payment is due.  In most cases this is 60 days prior to the retreat.  In some cases retreat centres require earlier payment.  Please do respect these deadlines and ensure the funds are received as clear funds on or prior to this date.

At present all of my retreats are priced in GBP and I recognise that some people are paying in currency other than sterling. If this is the case, please ensure you cover all banking costs so that the full amount of GBP is received in my account.When we book experiences and retreats, we fully intend to show up, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically, but I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and due to illness, injury or other reasons, we may wish to cancel our place.  Please note, that due to the intimate nature of these retreats, I am unable to offer a refund in any circumstances and for this reason I strongly suggest that you take out travel insurance should you need to cancel your space.

I ask you to fully participate in the retreat experience.  It is planned in such a way so that to get the maximum benefit, you will need to be there are the beginning and the end, and for this reason, no discount is given should you wish to leave early or arrive late.

If you cancel with more than 60 days notice, you lose your deposit.

If you cancel with less than 60 days notice, you are liable for the full amount.  However, if you can find someone else to take your place, I am happy to transfer across your booking, less a £100 fee.


Allison Kelsey